Belconnen Mall Medical Centre

Dr Firas Al-Ali - A highly skilled GP, now offering cosmetic, and other surgical services


We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Dr Firas Al-Ali at Belconnen Mall Medical Centre, a highly skilled GP.

We’re privileged to now offer the following services performed by Dr Firas Al-Ali.

  • Anti-wrinkle injections
  • Triple skin rejuvenation therapy (the best package for facial rejuvenation)
    • Combination of vampire (Kardashian) facial, microneedling, and stem cell injection (platelet rich plasma injection).
  • Freckle / mole removal using CO2 laser pen
  • Wart / corn removal using CO2 laser pen
  • Comprehensive full body skin cancer check
  • Platelet rich plasma (stem cell) injections
    • Including scalp stimulation
  • In-grown toenail nail-bed removal
  • Implanon removal

Some of these procedures carry an out-of-pocket cost, so please speak to our friendly receptionists on  (02) 6293 3233.