Part of the services we provide to doctors includes access to Atlas Software. Atlas allows doctors to create comprehensive MBS compliant visit notes with little-to-no time expenditure. The software will search the clinical database for obvious items to add into the patient’s notes, with no additional work required.

Example case: a patient is coming for a follow-up with what the doctor diagnosed as URTI (bacterial). The doctor ordered pathology to confirm and will prescribe Amoxil, because the pathology came back positive.

  1. Write a line in the history section: “12/03/2020 – Dr. Findacure: Suspected URTI, bacterial. Pathology ordered.”
  2. Atlas will interpret the results from pathology and write them into the history, e.g., “Gram positive stain – Detected”
  3. The pathology was ordered at the patient’s previous visit, so it will write this into the Actions section: “Discussed results of pathology with patient.”.
  4. If the patient has not been prescribed the drug in their history, then the following will be written into the actions section: “Discussed risks and precautions of new drug, no known allergies, follow-up on patient tolerance.

There are many other features in Atlas that make note writing quick and easy

  1. Interpretation of the following transcript events:
    1. Blood pressure
    2. Temperature
    3. Weight
    4. Height
    5. BMI (automatically calculates BMI, if weight and height are present)
    6. Stressors
    7. Pain
    8. Smoking
    9. Alcohol
  2. Ability to compile a full history of consultations and pathology/imaging requests and results:
    • The doctor has full control over the verbosity and length of the history recorded in the notes as well as the details included in the notes
    • Atlas records the patients’ current allergy/reaction history
  3. Automatic details that cover what doctors discuss in the consultation, but may not be written in their notes:
    • If a patient’s blood pressure/BMI has improved since the last reading, Atlas will record an appropriate observation
    • If a prescribed drug has a specific precaution associated with it, Atlas will record an appropriate counter, i.e., if the precaution is: “This drug causes birth defects.”, the following will be recorded in the notes if the patient is female “Have discussed with patient that this drug causes birth defects”.
    • If the doctor’s patient is currently smoking or drinking heavily, the following is recorded: “Counselled the patient on the risks associated with smoking, urged cessation”.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts which help to easily include notes, e.g., highlighting some text from the history (say, “sleep apnoea”, and hitting ctrl+d creates an entry “Discussed sleep apnoea with the patient.”