What doctors and associates have to say about us

Dr Bhavesh Nakarja' testimonial

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to work with your team at Trans-Ax. I am genuinely very excited to start working in Canberra. So far, I could not have asked for more from the organization. Everyone has been extremely kind and supportive. Gary has been really great. He has kept contact with me and supported me throughout this extremely drawn-out application process! So far, I feel very privileged to be part of an organization with such a supportive ethos. I look forward to start working very soon and hope I can contribute positively as well.

Kind Regards
Dr Bhavesh Nakarja

Dr Mehdi Mojtabaie's testimonial

I have been very fortunate to start my practice in Australia with this company. I had a smooth and quick start, thanks to the work of skilful people in this organisation. I look forward to achieving goals and building a better future in this practice.

Dr Mehdi Mojtabaie

Dr Ivor Zetler's testimonial

Joining the Cherrybrook Medical Centre was one of the luckiest opportunities of my long medical career. A family run organisation, the owner is friendly and approachable. We have an amazing practice manager and the doctors have excellent control over how they conduct their medical practice. The newly constructed premises is in an excellent position in a mid sized, quality shopping centre and there is never a shortage of work.

Dr Ivor Zetler

Dr Martin Bailey's testimonial

I worked in a group practice, as part owner, for 42 years, then semi-retired , and started doing locum work. I worked over the course of a year in six different practices, finally settling on a part-time position at Cherrybrook Medical Center.  This I felt was the nicest of the six, being spacious, airy, excellent capable staff, well equipped,  and reasonably close to home. Pay was good and I had total clinical freedom. I worked there three sessions a week for the past six years, leaving because I am moving interstate.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and support, the mix of patients, and goodwill. I would recommend the practice to any GP seeking  full or part-time work in this area, or by extension, other practices under Trans-Ax management.

Dr Martin Bailey

Dr Hany Gergis' testimonial

Hi David

It was a big surprise that I meet with  so humble and quiet but genius man like you.

As I said , it has been short time working in the clinic but it was full of good comfortable feeling as well.

The whole stuff is perfect and yesterday, I knew that there is a big mind working behind the theme.

Thank you David for your time and support.

Looking forward for the second meeting.

Best Regards

Hany Gergis

Dr Olga Scaramuzzi’s farewell message

Good Morning Peter,

You were supposed to be the first to know that I have now decided to retire from my professional work.

I would like to say that I am grateful to you Peter for offering me work in your then new adventure in 2012: the Cherrybrook Medical Centre.

Seven years down the track the adventure has grown beyond imagination and now Trans-Ax is a leading Health Care organisation in Australia. Congratulation.

Having an experience of setting up my own Medial Centre in 1977 and running it very successfully for 25 years. I appreciate even more your skills, vision, planning, intelligence, bravery, ability to work with people to make them give their best, and more, the knowledge of medical services provision standards.

Thank you Peter for the privilege of being a small part of your achievement, admittedly I was a very small part of it, working in part time capacity and covering, amongst others, some of these  unpopular hours that other doctors would find less convenient to do.

I am now learning how to live without being a doctor.

I will miss my work in Cherrybrook Medical Centre, but life goes on and new opportunities open even at my stage of life.

Once more thank you for the opportunity of working in Cherrybrook for 7 good years, that framed my fifty two years of professional life.

With my best wishes and thanks to you, the management and the staff of CMC, and my colleagues,

Dr Olga Scaramuzzi

August 2019

Grateful words from a doctor who joined one of the Canberra practices

Hi Peter,

I am very thankful for this lovely chance and lovely team. Mate, my start was a butter smooth start, thanks to the efforts of all the staff.

I am really happy here, looking for challenges…
I am very thankful for embracing me.



The view of a visiting medical professional

Over the last 14 months I have had the opportunity to visit over 120 GP practices and to talk to hundreds of GPs. Today it was my great pleasure to visit the Cherrybrook Medical Centre and to discuss medical imaging with 9 GP doctors on duty that day. We discussed many aspects of advanced medical imaging protocols and their application to their practice and to their patients. The GPs at the Centre were pro-active and engaged in the discussion. I was impressed with their willingness to learn more regarding new medical imaging procedures considering each doctor was fully booked that day. Overall an impressive GP medical centre with dedicated doctors and staff.

Marko Trifunovic BAppSci, MEd

Head of Nuclear Medicine & PET
Adjunct Fellow Macquarie University

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